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RedSail Technologies will host a townhall each quarter, alternating between a community and long-term care focus. Upcoming, on December 8, the focus will be long-term care pharmacy and Integra® products. Leadership will provide updates on developments and company direction, as well as take your questions. Join us!

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Long-Term Care Edition

A Customer Townhall: LTC

Wednesday, December 8 | 10:30 AM (PT) / 1:30 PM (ET) | 30-Minute Presentation Followed by Q&A

Join leadership from Integra and RedSail Technologies for a special townhall session focused on long-term care. Engage with the team to discuss improvements in existing products, future enhancements, new programs, and other related industry topics. After the townhall, join the Question-and-Answer session tailored to your pharmacy’s interests!


  • Learn about the latest release of DocuTrack, including new functionality.
  • Discuss the new iOS version of DeliveryTrack.
  • Dive into PrimeCare’s better reporting and overall performance.
  • Get intel on an exciting new product in the lineup for you.
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Community Edition

Upcoming Townhall: Community

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Did you miss our September 29th townhall? Click below to watch the townhall or our breakout session on the PREP Act Amendment.

Bob Bates

Bob Bates, EVP, RedSail Technologies and General Manager of QS/1® and Integra®

Bob Bates

EVP, RedSail Technologies and General Manager of QS/1® and Integra®

Bob joined RedSail Technologies in April 2020. He has 29 years of experience leading software/technology organizations and has spent a significant amount of time in the healthcare sector as well. Previous leadership positions include president, CIO, CTO, COO, and board member, and he’s worked for the following companies: Molina®, Affiliated Computer Services/XEROX, Aetna®, Connecture, BenefitFocus®, and AT&T®.

Bob holds an MBA from Nova University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida. He also holds multiple technology patents.

Frances Nahas

Frances Nahas, Chief Strategy Officer, RedSail Technologies

Frances Nahas

Chief Strategy Officer, RedSail Technologies

As CSO, Frances is responsible for helping develop and sustain corporate strategic initiatives. She brings 20+ years of experience in technology and strategy, with deep expertise in healthcare. Frances has a passion for converting market insights into transformative change that delivers value for patients, customers, employees, and shareholders. Her experience includes Bain, McKesson, Aesynt® (now part of Omnicell), and Connecture®. Frances holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Studies from the University of Notre Dame and was a Forte Fellow and Dean’s Scholar at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, where she earned a Master of Business Administration degree.

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald, Vice President, Institutional Sales, Integra

Jim McDonald

Vice President, Institutional Sales, Integra 

Jim has more than 26 years of operations and sales experience in the long-term care (LTC) and closed-door pharmacy industry. In 2007, he joined Integra as a regional sales manager and assumed the role of national sales director in 2010. Jim’s in-depth understanding of pharmacy operations and distribution channels make him an invaluable asset to many LTC pharmacies throughout the country. 


Evelyn Beach, R.Ph., Customer Success Executive, Integra 

Evelyn Beach, R.Ph.

Customer Success Executive, Integra

Evelyn joined Integra in 2012 and has 20-plus years’ experience as a pharmacist, operations manager, director of pharmacy, and consultant pharmacist. Her experience includes consulting on business processes and pharmacy workflow to increase efficiencies. Evelyn is proficient with integrating and using various technologies to their full capacity. She provides consultation and workflow review for our pharmacies to improve proficiency and implements best practices for utilizing the full functionality of our suite of products.

Louie Foster

Louie Foster, Director, Ancillary Products, RedSail Technologies

Louie Foster

Director, Ancillary Products, RedSail Technologies

Louie’s passion for technology and pharmacy converged in 2001 where he was a founding member of Integra. At Integra, he ensured the flagship products were widely adopted and successful. Integra was later acquired by QS/1, and he took on the role of modernizing many of their pharmacy system's supporting applications.

As a technologist, Louie leveraged his skills to design several leading-edge solutions for long-term care pharmacies. At RedSail Technologies, Louie continues to use state-of-the-art tools to build offerings focused on enhancing pharmacy operations. His current focus is to provide patient- and facility-facing solutions that help pharmacies offer seamless omnichannel tools and communication to their patients and clients.